What Is Empowerment? Defining Your Inner Strength

what is empowerment

What Is Empowerment? Defining Your Inner Strength

Looking to empowerment as an answer is a fast word to describe what we should or can be or do. But the empowerment definition is limited when we are using this term as the tip of the iceberg.

Empowerment is a deep inner quest that identifies our core strength and what we really stand for. When we are able to take our inner power to the next level is when we are able to see and identify who we really are.

What Is Empowerment?

Empowerment is the foundation of who you are as your inner power. It’s what I call your super strength. Everyone has a different type of “in power” they express. The empowerment definition is left to the guise of who we believe we are and what we can do.

In the video below, I show you exactly what I mean.

Watch the full video here. 

Your ability to become your true self is the foundation of empowerment. It’s your ability to define who you are and to be confident in that.

It’s your ability to wear your own shoes.

Moving Your Own Mountains

Each individual is on a quest. Our spirits demand it and our soul desires it. We want to move mountains and be the heroes of our own story – and we should.

There’s not one individual I know that hasn’t been through trials and tribulations. It doesn’t matter if they have money, power, the perfect relationship.

Don’t fall for the illusion that everyone has it all and they are not dealing with internal conflicts and challenges. You will find yourself in a mass maze of confusion.

So how do we get out of it?

We move our own mountains. We look at what empowerment means to us and define it at the center of our core.

We take charge of the mountains we see before us – the ones that seem impossible, “can’t dos” or something we seem overwhelmed by.

And we move them.

Each time you take a step to get on top of them or to move them out of the way, you are using your inner core and your personal power to do it.

Empowerment can’t take place externally. It can’t be defined from someone else’s projection of who we are and how we should belong to society.

Empowerment starts and ends with you.

Finding Your Super Power

The empowerment definition is based on you finding your superpower. Just like any analogy, you have heard (yes, I may be referring to the snowflakes), everyone has a different superpower.

We were born to be different and unique and authentic unlike anyone else.

When we step into that and accept it as our superpower is when we truly find empowerment.

What is empowerment?

You are.

At the very core of who you are, you are the representative of your own power. Whether it is with your courage and confidence or your sweetness and kindness – it’s your inner power that gives you the strength and the empowerment you need to live each day.

There’s no easy key to finding your superpower. It’s your personal quest. But, there are ways you can start to tap in.

  1. Give yourself permission. Do what you do naturally and embrace it. Don’t reject it because of what someone else thinks. You may find that you are selling yourself short.
  2. Reflect on you. At the heart of self-care is the empowerment definition. It gives you the chance to reflect on who you really are and what you value the most. These reflections are where you can find your inner power and strength.
  3. Use the past to define your future. Everything that happens in your life is for a reason. In most instances, it’s to help you find yourself. Use past qualities and characteristics that have defined you to determine what your true superpowers are.
  4. What would you do if… Circumstances and activities are the best way to really define your superpower. If you are looking for your own empowerment, see how you have overcome trials and tribulations. Even if you feel like you are in something right now, you always have the answer to resolve anything. How you do it is where your empowerment lies.
  5. Appreciate who you are. Most likely, you are empowered but you don’t know it yet. We tend to stuff that idea, move it down the pipe for another day and ignore our own amazing superpowers. When you appreciate who you are, you find that there is not only one gift but several forms of empowerment that are waiting to get out and be expressive.

Defining Your Personal Empowerment

What is empowerment?

You are the definition of what empowerment is. Your ability to do certain things, react in ways that work for you and that allow you to remain confident and free.

When we learn to accept who we are, care and love who we are and to be complete and whole within ourselves, then it defines and embodies the true concept of empowerment.

It’s up to you to find what it is that gives you confidence, courage, and strength. And, it’s up to you to act within that and create the world that you want and desire.

The journey we are all on is one of empowerment. It starts with defining who we are and ends with understanding and accepting who we are.

If you are looking for the empowerment definition – look inside.

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