Corporate Responsibility

Angel Guard Fashion was founded on the precepts of a high-level social impact project, using every facet of the business to give back to the community.


Our commitment to end violence and empower the global community is woven into every part of our business, allowing Angel Guard Fashion to be a vessel to impact the global community.

Supporting Women’s Empowerment

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Vietnam is known for its seamstresses, highlighted by a fast turn-around time and unique clothing that no others can replicate.


However, manufacturing plants often take away opportunities from independent seamstresses who work to make a living for their family and surrounding community. This has led to inequalities within the country as well as limited opportunities for growth of women based businesses in the country.

Angel Guard Fashion is dedicated to supporting women by empowering their small businesses and their families.


We have partnered with several independent seamstresses throughout Vietnam, creating a network that offers made to order products to the global community.


When we pay for products, we see the families sitting behind the door and know that we are supporting each one of them to continue to be supported as they maintain their businesses and their lifestyle.

As Angel Guard Fashion grows, so will the outreach to continue to empower women who are in disadvantaged positions.


Our projection includes working with women in disadvantaged communities that have formed communes to survive. Many work on creating bracelets, jewellery and fashion wear. Partnerships with several groups as well as the creation of Angel Guard Fashion groups will be a part of our commitment to social impact.

Sending Angels to Reduce Violence

10% of proceeds from Angel Guard Fashion are dedicated to reducing high crime areas around the globe.


Many regions are unable to receive protection through self-defense, products or outside support.


To respond to this call, Angel Guard Fashion has made specialized angels, given to communities who need more support to reduce crime.


A high crime area will receive support each year, specifically with the intention of providing tools and resources to reduce violence in that region.


With self-defense tools, the likelihood of an attack reduces by over 86%, allowing criminal activities to drastically decrease.


Not only will we focus on high crime areas, but are looking at areas known for sex trafficking to kidnappings to assist victims to be relieved from traumatic events.

Eco-Friendly Solutions for Sustainable Fashion

Our commitment to the environment is a part of our core system at Angel Guard Fashion. We are utilizing continuous business set-ups to make sure our digital imprint is minimized.


    1. Made to Order. Using made to order methods equates to zero waste in the environment, allowing all our products to remain eco-friendly.


    1. Eco-Friendly Materials. Vietnam’s fabric supply is known for fashion sustainability. Bamboo, eucalyptus, silk and other specialty fabrics are used with our products, making them easily sustainable within the environment.


    1. Packaging. As Angel Guard Fashion grows, our packaging will switch to biodegradable boxes, plastics and packaging materials, allowing all our materials to carry maximum committment to an eco-environment.