Empowerment is Beautiful

Angel Guard Enterprises is dedicated to empowering and protecting the global community.

Our fashion self-defense products for women provide support at times you need most, acting as a first response defense mechanism for every situation.

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For Your Style and Safety

We design custom, unique products with a fashion twist. All our products not only offer spectacular designs, but are reinforced with self-defence attachments that help you to stay empowered and beautiful.

self defense products for women

For Your Empowerment

The ultimate self defense products for women, using high-end fashion to support you in times of need. The Angel Guard Fashion halo line offers an elegant dress that you can wear to any evening occasion. 100% Vietnamese silk, hand-painted angel and an elegant French flair sleeves. Activate the siren on your belt if you are in danger or use your belt’s Kombotan to defend yourself in any situation.

For Your Freedom

Every time you go out, you can keep the look you want, enjoy even more fun and stay the life of the party. This short, party dress includes 100% Vietnamese silk, French flair sleeves and a hand-painted angel. All items come with a halo belt, which includes a siren and Kombotan pin, allowing you to stay free and stay protected.

For Your Safety

Use this jacket during the workday or for the cooler Spring and Fall months. Comes in black or blue colors. Low v-cut jacket with a 5 cm belt around the center. The belt includes a siren that is activated in an emergency as well as a Angel Guard pin attachment as self defense products for women.

Your Angels Are Here

Join us in making the world a safer and more secure place for everyone. With Angel Guard Enterprises, you contribute to the prevention of violence. With your network and first response systems, you will have the ability to be safe, free and to know that help is just an angel away.

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