The Power of Self – Defense

why we should learn self defence

The Power of Self – Defense

We must begin to believe that we are not victims. We are not subjected to circumstances and we have the right to act when it comes to being faced with violence.

It’s important, especially as women, to recognize that the world is not peaceful. Because of the state of the world, we have to learn how to take care of ourselves and make sure we remain protected.

I believe that self – defense is one of the most empowering tools that someone can give to themselves. And it is one of the most important ways to continue to remain protected in a world of uncertainty.

According to several studies, when there is an act of violence, it cannot be prevented. The rapid speed that it happens at as well as the targets which occur leads to little to no ability to stop the action from happening.

I choose to challenge this statement and the widely accepted consensus that we are victimized to the circumstances, like prey to a predator.

There is a way to defend ourselves.  It requires being prepared, aware and making sure that we know how to respond. This is the only way we can form any type of prevention and begin to reverse the epidemic of violence that is spreading across the globe.

First Steps to Self – Defense

What does it take to defend yourself? Most believe that there is the need to study certain moves and to apply deep fighting tactics. There are other ways that you can work with self-defense when you are in public.

  1. Awareness of Surroundings. There are certain spaces that many would believe don’t “feel right.” If you are in a place that is too dark, too isolated or that doesn’t have enough around while you are walking through it, then your likelyhood of being attacked is higher. Change where your environment is. If that isn’t possible, look at ways to protect yourself as you walk.
  2. Be Mentally Prepared. If everyone knew one self-defense move, it would be enough to fight an attacker. However, it requires practice and creating a fast response system. That means you need to practice both mentally and physically. Angel Guard is one of the ways you can practice self-defense by responding with the siren or the tools that are available on the handbag.
  3. Have Tools. I remember years ago, my friend gave me the best suggestion. When you are walking and it is dark, take your keys, place them so the teeth are sticking up and wrap your fist around it. If someone attacks you, it doesn’t matter how strong you hit them, the keys will take care of it. There are simple tools that you can use to defend yourself. You just need to know how, where and what.
  4. Know You Are Not Alone. Victimization doesn’t start with our inability to comprehend a situation. It starts with a feeling of isolation. This is the best time for an attacker to approach us and the worst case we can be in. Make sure you have ways to connect and stay in touch with others, whether it is your angel network or finding a crowd to walk in or be around.
  5. Know How to Run.  There are ways to maneuver, even if you don’t have the strength to fight someone. Be prepared to take cover, find a hiding area or to run in a different direction. If you can ward off and confuse your attacker, then you can find refuge and get out of the situation. This will assist with changing the situation.

Be street smart and watch where you are. When you know you aren’t in a safe space, make sure that you look at ways to protect yourself. It’s your human right and need to stay protected and to remain fearless. As you build your sense of self-defense, you will find that the way you carry yourself alone will ward off attackers from the thought they can approach you.

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