Summer Fashion Tips for Women’s Concealed Carry Clothing

women concealed carry clothing

Summer Fashion Tips for Women’s Concealed Carry Clothing

Women who carry safety equipment are making a difference by remaining empowered and holding a mindset of courage. Being your own protector with the use of safety gadgets as well as continuing to live your best life despite violence makes a difference. Check out ways that you can stay in style while staying safe with women’s concealed carry clothing for summer.

Best Styles for Women’s Concealed Carry Clothing

Let us move to the four styles for women’s concealed carry clothing for summer!

1. Pair Your Bottoms with Belts

Concealment carry has a weight that needs to be supported by the fabric. If the fabric is too light, it will not be able to carry the equipment. For example, if you are taking it tucked in the bottoms, cotton or linen pants will keep sliding downwards. So, the weight of the fabric plays a significant role in carrying self-defense gadgets.

Angel Guard Halo Line Jumper with Halo Belt

Angel Guard Halo Line Jumper with Halo Belt

The solution lies in a belt. While you cannot wear thick and fat fabrics in summer, pair lightweight bottoms with a belt that can tie the tool and the trousers firmly.

2. Go with Prints

Summer fashion is all about prints, patterns, and colors. It is a good thing for women who want to keep concealment carry along. Prints appear perplexing and steer the focus of looker-on the shapes and patterns. Some prints involve only nude and light colors, which might not be a good idea for a concealment carry because the equipment’s shape can be evident on the fabric’s surface.

Instead, you should choose prints that include light as well as bright and dark colors. It can be on a dress, a tank top, or matching coordinate sets.

3. Play Around with Accessories

Everyone loves wearing thin tops and tee-shirts in the scorching heat of summer. But the idea of women’s concealment clothing for summer gets these items out of their wardrobe when they start carrying a safety gadget. Women’s concealed carry clothing does not mean you have to sacrifice loads on your summer fashion, as there are still ways to make thin tees work.

One way is to wear a scarf in a funky manner. You can tie one end with the neck, let the other go down, and cover the hidden safety item. Another way is to pair tees with peplum skirts. This way, you can position the safety item in your undergarments and let the wideness of the skirt cover it.

bottoms with accessories

4. It’s Where You Wear

The Angel Guard Fashion difference is to conceal items that are close by but hard to find. The halo belts as well as the items that are in your clothing alter what you are able to wear. This way you stay undercover while having safety items nearby. Using belts as well as other items that offer a fast response allows you to keep the perfect summer look while keeping the self-defense items in the right space.

self defense course

You Are Enough

Take the time to stay empowered and safe. Using a combination of fashion items with concealed safety items is a simple way to change the outcome of different circumstances.

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