Self Defense Techniques for Women: How to Use Pressure Points

self defense techniques for women

Self Defense Techniques for Women: How to Use Pressure Points

The most dangerous position we can place ourselves as women is in a state of victimization. This happens too often as an after math of not being prepared for a potential attack. Knowing self defense techniques for women can immediately drive you to safety.

While you don’t need to build a paranoia to violence, we live in a world where it is essential to always be prepared so you can be empowered and free.

By learning these basic techniques with pressure points, you will easily be able to respond in any incident.

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Why Should I Learn Self – Defense?

For most, self defense techniques for women seems more like a lifestyle than a necessity. However, basic preparation reduces the probability of an attack by over 60%.

If, as a society, we want to start reversing the statistics and lowering the amount of violence that takes place, then knowing how to defend ourselves is essential.

They say that someone who is attacked will respond either by fight, flight, freeze or conformity. Too often, we become victims by responding according to what we think we know, as opposed to responding based on what the best outcome will be.

When you understand the basic techniques and movements with self-defense, you turn the table. You will most likely respond by fighting or running, both which reduce your chance of becoming a victim. That’s the outcome you want to train your mind for.

Using Pressure Points for Self-Defense

Pressure points are the most volatile, sensitive point on an individual. Even if you don’t have strength, you can stunt your opponent with enough time to get out of a situation or an attack.

The throat and jaw in the upper body are both sensitive points. If you can strike facing your opponent, then this is an easy way to get away.

If you are being held backwards or by the hands, then striking above the palm or the bicep, even while using your elbow can help to stunt your attacker enough to free you from the situation.

And, if you don’t have capacity to use your hands, strike the sciatica nerve or the groin with your feet. These will stunt the opponent and free you from the situation.

You will want to become familiar with the specific points you can hit when you are being held in each instance.

Using Self-Defense Weapons with Pressure Points

If you were to look at the mindset of an attacker, they would consider women as an easy target. We are usually not as strong physically and our body makeup makes us an easier target. (This is a generalisation to prove a point).

If you aren’t familiar with self-defense or other approaches to hitting someone, then it doesn’t mean you have to change your lifestyle or your interest.

Using a tactical pen is one way to compensate for your need to stay safe.

Usually, a tactical pen comes with a sharp edge on one side and is heavier at the tip you hold. This means you don’t need force when you hit someone at a specific pressure point. You can simply strike the chosen points, allowing the sharpness of the pen to cause the sting to the individual that is attacking you.

There is never a situation that you can’t get out of.

It takes maneuvering and understanding the weakness of your opponent, allowing you to use a combination of fight or flight to get to safety.

It’s better to fight in an attack rather than be a victim. When you take a short amount of time to prepare yourself, you will always have a chance to prevent violence from occurring.

Angel Guard Fashion is ready to assist you, making sure that you prevent awn act of violence from occurring.

When you work toward personal prevention and intervention, you also reduce the capacity for violence to increase and harm others.

As perpetrators are discouraged from attacking, they will no longer act with the belief that they can get away with violence.

Leave your best tactics for prevention in the comments below.

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