About Us

Angel Guard Enterprises is designed to protect and empower the global community. We are dedicated to creating a positive social impact through our products and services.

The epidemic of violence continues to increase around the world. When there is one act of violence, and if it is repeated within 13 days, then it becomes a “norm” in society. As many get used to violent behaviors, it becomes acceptable.

Currently, it is stated by many that there is little to no protection or prevention that stops incidents from happening.

At Angel Guard Enterprises, we are committed to reversing the trends and providing empowerment to women, children and men. With the power of innovation through our fashion – tech items, we believe we can make a difference in the global community while reducing violence at a global level.

Mission: To empower and protect the global community.

Vision: To reduce the epidemic of violence and create a more peaceful society. To offer first response systems that assist with self defense and protection. To offer a positive trend within society that promotes peace first.

Committed to Your Support

At Angel Guard Enterprises, we focus on ways you can receive the best support from the community.

We combine high – end fashion with technology to make sure that you have the latest styles but also access to the angel network you wish to have.

With our approach, you will have assistance in every situation needed.

Not only will you have emergency response systems and connection to your network.

We make sure you get assistance and knowledge for situations which you need extra assistance with, allowing you to have the support you need to overcome any situation.

We are committed to your safety and your ability to remain a part of the global community.