About Us

Angel Guard Enterprises is designed to protect and empower the global community.  We are dedicated to creating a positive social impact on the global community through our products and services.  

In many regions around the world, harassment, rape, abduction of children and trafficking are increasing.  While the problems are leading to violence as an epidemic, there is little to no protection or prevention items that can stop the incidents from happening.

At Angel Guard Enterprises, we are committed to reversing the trends and providing empowerment to women, children and men.  With the power of innovation and fashion-tech, we believe we can make a difference in the global community while reducing violence at a global level.

We believe in a world that is empowered.

We believe in a world that is protected.

We believe in a world that is free.

Brooke Hart, Founder, CEO


Brooke Hart, Founder and CEO of Angel Guard Enterprises, is committed to positive global impact. She is Director of Omatrix Center, a think tank which creates global impact businesses. She is also co – founder and Senior Vice President of Hubezoo, and heads strategy, research, business development and global marketing. Hubezoo is the first quantum search hub internetwork which achieved projected valuation of unicorn status within the first year. Angel Guard Enterprises was created with the desire to offer business products that offer a strong positive social impact to women, children and the community at large.

Hart began working as an enterpreneur over 10 years ago with the launch of her internet marketing business, On Target. She has assisted in the launch of hundreds of entrepreneurs at an international level, including marketing, business development and brand identity consultation to execution. She has researched and written marketing studies for multinational and national corporations, such as Bitcoin, IBM, India Tourism and L’Oreal.

Hart is also a trained classical pianist who began performing at the age of 6. She continues to compose and offer performances to communities and in 2014 held an Angel World Tour, where she performed throughout India with her inspiration based compositions. She is also composer of the CD, “Whispers of Light.”  You can view her art at brookehart.net.  She is an avid animal lover and her first job was at an Alligator Farm.