How It Works

Angel Guard Enterprises combines fashion tech for protection and empowerment.  All fashion devices are embedded with a technological connection to an app, allowing the global community to have instant protection.  A mic to record harassment and a siren to alarm attackers are used to provide support.  A community network of support is able to provide those in need with connectivity to ensure that harassment and hate crimes decrease.  We believe that through our powerful fashion-tech innovation, we can significantly reduce attacks taking place within the community.

You’re Always Protected

Assist Your Loved Ones

Fast Response for Defense

Angel Guard Fashion is designed to protect you, no matter where you are and what you need.  Whether you are walking late at night or it seems like you are in the wrong neighborhood, simply activate your device to bring help to your side.

With Angel Guard, you always know how to reach out to your loved ones.  Keep track of your children, help youth to have more freedom and be available with one push of a button.  With our device, everyone can feel safe and within an arms reach.

A matter of seconds makes a difference in how you respond to a situation.  Angel Guard Fashion is designed to provide a faster and more effective way for you to protect yourself.  We believe in self – defense and the right for you to protect yourself.  Our products have been carefully designed to respond faster than a mobile phone or basic safety device.

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Be one of the first to have the ultimate items for self-defense and protection.  Angel Guard Fashion is providing different types of empowerment tools to women, children and the global community.  Support our campaign today to begin preventing acts of violence.

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Become a Sponsor!

In our commitment to end violence, we are looking for sponsors to assist with the production and distribution of Angel Guard Fashion friendship bracelets.  These will go into targeted regions around the globe to provide support to women and children who often don’t receive assistance from violent attacks.

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