We Empower and Protect You

Angel Guard Enterprises is designated to empowering and protecting the global community.

Our fashion – tech devices provide support at times you need most, acting as a first response defense mechanism for every situation.

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Now, You Can Feel Safe

Each item has been tested to give you more safety and security when you need it the most. With your angels by your side, you are never alone and can easily get help and support any time you need it.

For Your Empowerment

The ultimate self-defense mechanism with high-end fashion to support you in times of need. The Angel Guard Fashion purse includes an angel that activates your network if you don’t feel safe or calls for help with a siren when in need.

Stay tuned for additions with pressure point pins and extended defense mechanisms.

For Those You Love Most

Keep your child safe at all times and always be able to track them if they need help. The Angel Guard Fashion backpack helps your child to call for help if they get lost or are in danger.

With our app and network tool used in combination with the backpack, you can always protect those you love the most.

For Your Time In Need

The Angel Guard Fashion bracelet comes with a mic or with a siren, allowing you to have a discreet way to get help. Use this bracelet for workplace safety in case of harassment and to always feel secure when you need empowerment.

Join a Network of Angels to Guide Our Way

With Angel Guard Enterprises, you are never alone.

Our app connects you to a network of friends and family, all available with a simple turn of an angel wing. All devices connect to the app and allow you to get immediate help when in need.

If you are in danger and need a first response system, then use Angel Guard Fashion to assist your journey. A siren shocks attackers from their decision and emergency alerts connect you to authority figures for immediate responses.

Unlike mobile phones, you can immediately activate and work with your angel, getting the assistance you need to always remain safe and out of harms way.

Your Angels Are Here

Join us in making the world a safer and more secure place for everyone. With Angel Guard Enterprises, you contribute to the prevention of violence. With your network and first response systems, you will have the ability to be safe, free and to know that help is just an angel away.

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