Women’s Self Defense Products: What Should You Use?

women's self defense products

Women’s Self Defense Products: What Should You Use?

We’ve all seen the clothing items and concealed carry products as women’s self defense products. For some reason camouflage and war like styles dominate the field.

Just because you want to defend yourself as an individual doesn’t mean you have to switch your style or find combat based products. There are ways to keep your own style while always feeling like you are empowered.

What Is the Best Self Defense Weapon for Women?

The best self defense weapon for women begins with you. It is your mind and how quickly you can respond in a given situation. With any combat course, defense starts with knowing your surroundings, finding ways to get out of a difficult problem and knowing how to respond based on the weak or open points of an attacker.

Even though this is the basis, using women’s self defense products also serve as a way to remain protected.

There are often disputes and disagreements about what “works” as women’s self defense products. In many instances, women will say the only way to defend yourself is with a gun or a knife. However, if you aren’t trained or don’t have familiarity with combat, this may not serve you best.

There are several items that are created so you can get away and have time to change the circumstances. Stunt guns, pepper spray, sirens, apps and endless items that are able to work preventatively allow you to find different solutions that can help with any situation.

Women’s Self Defense Products That Work

When you are in a situation that is not safe or where you may be attacked, the weapon doesn’t matter. You want to consider 3 things. The first is the fastest response you can create. The second is how you can use your surrounding environment for a given situation. The third is the most effective response, usually which is based on the weakness of your defender.

There are women’s self defense products that will always work more effectively based on these particular approaches.

  1. Sirens. Amazingly, sirens are an incredibly effective mechanism to change the circumstance. This is because it distracts an attacker from what they are doing. More important, it calls for help. That leaves someone who is going to attack you in a vulnerable position. What they don’t want is to get caught – that’s one of their weaknesses.
  2. Pressure Point Pins. Why? Because these can cause damage to an attacker. However, they are easy to reach and fast to use. If you hit the right pressure point, then you are in a winning position and can weaken an attacker enough to get away. While it’s known best with martial arts, it can be used with little training.

To view women’s self defense products that carry these items, view our halo line here.

  1. Maze or Pepper Spray. Known as the most common and popular item for women, these will help you to hurt an attacker long enough to get away. They are also incredibly fast to get to and effective when you have a free hand. Make sure you use the spray in the right place to get the response you need.
  2. Taze Guns. The disadvantage of this is you have to be close or at a point of contact with your attacker to use most of these. However, they are extremely effective in hurting someone long enough to move away from the situation. If you want to prevent any circumstance, these can be helpful.

There are many women’s self defense products that are effective and can help you in any given circumstance. You want to make sure that you are prepared in all circumstances to get results you want.

Using Women’s Self Defense Products for Combat

So you know what type of women’s self defense products you want – now what?

Have you ever seen the movies where a woman is trying to defend themselves but they don’t pull the pepper spray out fast enough or don’t have quite the right angle with the stunt gun?

If you get women’s self defense products, you also want to be ready to use them. They have found that there are three major issues that occur when it comes to combat.

  1. Clothing gets in the way. That’s right. A sleeve is too long, the purse zipper gets stuck or because of the position you are in, there is a problem with pulling out a self defense product. That’s why you see self defense items that look “combative.”

When you go out,  make sure that you have a set up with any product you use to instantly respond without having issues with the combat.

The women’s self defense products should be easy to access and use. For instance, Angel Guard Fashion places the items on a belt, allowing you to have instant access to the items and use them in any situation – without getting in the way of your fashion statement.

2. Silence. No matter what you do, never go silent. This gives an attacker an advantage over you and doesn’t help you to get help. Always work toward getting help first, if it is possible and don’t burden yourself with trying to defend yourself by yourself or move into a victimised or paralysed state.

3. Responsiveness. The faster you respond, the more likely you will be able to get away. Prevention often doesn’t occur because it catches us by surprise. After that point, most are not prepared to respond to the attack before it carries out to one’s disadvantage.

In any combat training, they go through first steps of how to weaken an opponent. If you’re not into self defense, that’s okay. Just know where the women’s self defense products are so you can respond effectively. That’s why it’s always good to place items in an easy to access place that immediately triggers a fast response.

Remember to always stay empowered and protected with products that support your defense. Angel Guard Fashion is designed so you always feel free.

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