Women’s Self Defense Kit: Non-Lethal Guide to Counter an Attack

womens self defense kit

Women’s Self Defense Kit: Non-Lethal Guide to Counter an Attack

Empowerment is something that comes from within. It begins with facing certain fears and uncertainties relating to your well-being and stepping into it instead of remaining in that fear. By using a women’s self defense kit, you are applying a form of empowerment for your continuous protection.

When an expert in martial arts or defense speaks of protection, they don’t speak of attacking or fighting. We are too often bombarded with a state of violence that takes over the realities of self defense and what it means to remain safe.

If you are in potential danger of being attacked, preparation, protection, and the ability to defend or stop an attack that may occur will alter the circumstances you are facing. No matter how difficult or scary a situation may seem, there is always a way to remain safe.

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What Is the Best Women’s Self Defense Kit?

Your tool of choice doesn’t matter as much as your ability to have a mindset of empowerment. There are several non-lethal weapons that you can use to ensure that you remain protected and safe. Combining what works best for you and preparing yourself to remain strong in every circumstance will allow you to stay protected in all circumstances.

The Angel Guard Difference

women's self defense kit

Angel Guard Fashion products are designed with discreet forms of protection that help you to stay empowered. The halo line belts are inclusive of a combatant pin and siren connected to the belt.

The difference between this and other non-lethal weapons is that they are not buried in a purse or keychain but still have a discreet approach to help you feel empowered and to prevent an attack from occurring.

Each clothing item highlights the perfect look for any occasion while keeping the women’s self defense kit in the easiest area to access, allowing you to always remain protected and empowered.

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Combining Accessories with Self Defense

There are other additions you can consider adding on with a women’s self defense kit. By combining as many options as possible for your safety, you will easily remain empowered. Following are some other items you can add in with your Angel Guard Fashion products:

Pepper Spray

A popular item that surged in the 1990s was pepper spray for women. This acts as a non-lethal weapon to deter attackers so you remain protected. The pepper spray items assist as a part of a women’s self defense kit so you always have a fallback when going against an attacker.

The advantage of pepper spray is the ability to temporarily blind an attacker. If you spray and have the ability to run to a different location quickly enough, then you can get out of harm’s way.

Most are also not interested in a lethal response to an attack. Pepper spray is a temporary deterrent that acts as a prevention item for those that are being attacked.

When against an act of violence, a solution that best works are to prevent it. This means that you use items that distract or temporarily injure someone who is attacking you. By doing this, you are able to get to a space of safety without the act of violence.

If you decide to use pepper spray, make sure you are able to create an easy access point to the item. An attacker may grab your purse or other items first to make you vulnerable. This means that you need to have a way to grab the pepper spray or add other items to the women’s self defense kit for complete protection.

Prevention is one of the first steps to creating a state of peace, allowing an individual to stop an attack. As a result, it reduces violence and begins to transform the potential attacks that are taking place.

Women’s Stun Gun

A stun gun is another powerful weapon that can be added to a kit if you are in harm’s way. The stun gun is designed to temporarily disengage your attacker with a voltage shot that disarms them.

It’s important to keep in mind that a stun gun does have the possibility of side effects, even as a non-lethal weapon. Even though this is not as common, it can cause injury. However, if you are being attacked, then this assists with your women’s self defense kit.

The advantage of the stun gun is that the harm is usually a complete body, allowing you to get away from an attacker in any situation and completely defend yourself if you are attacked.

It is also important to note that the stun gun needs to be easily accessible. Keeping it in a purse or key chain may allow the predator to take the items away first, leaving you vulnerable. Placement of the stun gun as a part of your self defense kit becomes an essential part of remaining empowered in case of an attack.

Brass Knuckle

The above brass knuckle offers a pendant for easy-to-carry accessories to assist with your women’s self defense kit. However, any brass knuckle variation can help you to stay safe.

Most brass knuckles can cause significant injury but are non-lethal, offering a protective way for you to prevent an attack from occurring and getting into a space of safety.

They allow you to hit an attacker without the strength or force that it may take to injure someone and get away. It works best if you target a specific area of your predator that causes them to lose focus as well as areas that may be causing injury to you.

The advantage of the brass knuckle is you can wear it when you are in dangerous locations. Many women may have experiences with being told to “carry their keys between their fingers” for safety. The brass knuckles work as an upgraded version to this, allowing you to always remain safe.

The disadvantage of the brass knuckles is that you may be in an area where you feel safe or the attack is unexpected. It’s essential to look at preparedness for this particular item to support your needs.

Women’s Self Defense Kits

A popular form that women are using to remain protected is a complete women’s self defense kit. This combines a series of items into one keychain that you can use for safety.

The kits include a kombatan pin (an Angel Guard Fashion favorite) to assist with defense. These are used commonly in martial arts, allowing you to hit pressure points of your attacker as a non-lethal way to get to safety.

Read about ways you can defend yourself with pressure points.

The kit also includes a siren (another Angel Guard Fashion recommend) to support ways to get help. If you don’t feel like you can get help in time, sound acts as a deterrent to get help and to distract an attacker. The siren is combined with a whistle that sounds above 110 db to assist with notifying your surroundings of an attack.

The advantage of sound with any attack is that it jolts a predator out of their focus to harm you. Instead of the laser focus that they carry, it will cause an instant response that changes how they are thinking and acting toward you. It will also create a state of fear where someone could come to attack them or cause unwanted attention while they are propagating an attack.

Read here to see how sound deters an attack.

A pepper spray holder is also included in the kit, giving a third option to assist with the protection you need. Adding this into your kit will help to support against an attack.

While the keychain series offers a complete kit, it is important to keep in mind that the accessibility and use of the kit are just as important. If you place the entire keychain on your purse, for example, then it is likely that you will lose your complete defense system.

The first place an attacker will focus on is to disarm you. This means that items such as a purse or keychain may be removed before you have the chance to use the items.

Keeping self defense items in a discreet and unexpected place can help with better support for your protection while ensuring that you always have protection by your side.

Using A Women’s Self Defense Kit

The approach that is often thought of for self defense is to find the tools or tactics that will stop an attack. It’s important to dive deeper into the process of defense and to understand what you need to do to stop an attack.

Most self defense kits and weapons are inclusive of non – lethal approaches that are used by the police force, military or other individuals who require extra tools for protection. This means that there is training to reinforce the defense that is needed in any moment.

To truly move to a sense of empowerment, you will want to combine your women’s self defense kit with best practices to make sure you remain safe.

If you decide to get a kit or tools for self defense, look first at the way this will interact with a predator. It’s important to remain prepared for the attack that could happen. Practicality and ease of use will support protection and deterrent from an attack.

Easy to access, easy to use, and a sense of being empowered in every instance will support against an attack and ensure that you remain protected.

Keep in mind that someone who is attacking you is responding with ways they can get away with being a predator. They will work toward disarming and disempowering you in any way.

Each item you use should have the capacity to provide an immediate response against this and to remain tactful against someone who is trying to disarm you. An instant response to a specific situation will support the need to remain protected and empowered in any given situation.

Empowerment is Beautiful

When speaking about women’s self defense kits and items, it isn’t the specific item or purchase that is made. The ability to remain protected comes from your sense of peace and protection if you are faced with a situation.

Empowerment is supported with the self defense tools that are available to you. When you have the items that are needed for a potential attack, it will create a better sense of security and safety while in public.

As a result, it will prevent the possibility of an attack. By resonating a state of fearlessness, you automatically deter an attack by a predator not seeing you as a soft target. Looking at the best possibilities to stay safe begins with this state of mind and a sense of empowerment.

If there is a chance of an attack, your empowerment comes from the ability to understand how to respond. Know that you are not alone. The self defense items that are available allow you to remain secure and safe while supporting the possibility of an attack. By detering an attacker with any or all of the items available, or with your own sense of self defense, you will find a new sense of empowerment and will continue to remain safe.

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