Women’s Concealed Carry Products: What Should You Carry?

women's concealed carry products

Women’s Concealed Carry Products: What Should You Carry?

When you go out, it’s important to remember that you are the one in control and power of your personal well-being. Your safety and protection starts with your ability to be prepared. Using women’s concealed carry products help you to stay prepared for any unexpected incident.

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Should You Carry Women’s Concealed Carry Products?

The complexity of violence is that it doesn’t have patterns. In many instances, we believe that it stays in a neighborhood or community. In other instances, it is believed that if we are out at a certain time of day or specific environment, we won’t be attacked.

Research has shown that violence doesn’t show the patterns. In fact, as violence continues to increase, the incidents are beginning to appear in unexpected spaces and as an unrelated event.

This is because a predator will not strike in the most probable places. The way to create less risk with an attack is to go to an unexpected space where there is not as much protection. While many violent incidents will stay in less protected areas, the impact can affect anyone – anywhere.

That means that every individual needs to find a way to remain protected when they are out – no matter where they are. Using women’s concealed carry products assists with finding these solutions and getting help if something happens.

Types of Women’s Concealed Carry Products

The most common use of concealed carry products for women is a gun or knife. Women who understand how to use a gun and are ready for combat are able to conceal these with a specific holster as well as items that can cover you in any case of incident.

The pros of a gun is that it is able to harm an attacker quickly while offering a different level of protection. However, the controversies with gun violence also make it more difficult to use. If you don’t have training with a gun, it can also backfire against your attempts to defend yourself in any incident.

Knives have a similar approach. These are able to injure a perpetrator easily. However, knives are often known for being difficult with defence as a part of women’s concealed carry products. It’s important that you know how to use a knife before going into a situation. This is because you have to be close to your attacker and they don’t always cause injury if used incorrectly.

For most women, these two options for combat serve when and if you are ready to go into full combat.

And if not?

Women’s concealed carry products are now expanding to a different level. If you need to defend yourself and don’t have the training or background, then you want to look at alternative options.

Pepper spray is known as the most popular defense item. You can hit someone from a distance, and it gives you enough time to shock an attacker and flee from the situation.

If you decide to use pepper spray, make sure you have it readily available whenever you go out. There are also incidents where the spray doesn’t work effectively. Check your items before use in case you do need it.

Pepper spray is also not allowed in some spaces because of the properties of the spray. Either you need to carry a small amount with you or look at different options.

Brass knuckles to stunt guns are also popular as women’s concealed carry products. If you decide to take this approach, then make sure you know enough of self-defence to work with the weapons and that they are possible to carry in different situations. You will need to be close enough to your perpetrator and have the capacity to manoeuvre in defense to the attacks which are occurring.

Angel Guard Fashion and Women’s Concealed Carry Products

self-defense products for women

We’ve looked at the practicality of self-defense items for women. We know that some you can’t carry with you. Others are not easy to get to. And, others require some self-defense training for you to use effectively.

Our items work on different levels for prevention and intervention of various situations.

The halo belt, for instance, gives you two approaches to use as women’s concealed carry products. You can wear the belt with any casual or formal wear to create a statement. If you’re in public, the products are removable so you don’t have issues with your look.

Snap on a siren to alert the neighbourhood that you are in trouble and to shake someone who is attacking you. The siren sound is known as one of the most effective ways to detract from an incident and to change the situation to your favour. More important, you don’t need self-defense training or to be too close to an attacker to get the help you need.

The women’s concealed carry products offered by Angel Guard Fashion¬†also offer an Angel Guard pin. This tactical item is known for military use. You can carry it almost anywhere because of the look and because of how discrete it is.

If you are in a violent attack and the person is too close to comfort, then this acts as a way to stunt them and get away. It’s easy to grab, simple to use and acts as a fast response system to move you into better territory.

We are also introducing technology products that act as women’s concealed carry products. Turn an angel to connect to an app and alert a network you are in trouble. If you can’t access your mobile phone, your angel on your handbag can do it for you. This works as an intervention tactic to assist those in need.

Acting with self-defense is not based on the ideal of being violent. Rather, it is an approach to assist you with remaining protected.

When you defend yourself, you stop an act of violence from occurring. As you do this, it makes the world safer and reduces violence.

Shop Angel Guard Fashion to start your road to empowerment.

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