Women’s Concealed Carry Clothing: Best Forms of Protection

women's concealed carry clothing

Women’s Concealed Carry Clothing: Best Forms of Protection

Don’t make yourself a soft target when you are out and walking alone. Violence on the streets is something that has continued to spiral for over 100 years, leaving many to face a state of crisis. The only way to combat and protect yourself is to be empowered with things such as women’s concealed carry clothing, and make sure you are ready and aware of a predator that may be looking for their next victim.

Self defense and combat maneuvers are one of the best ways to protect yourself. It is also possible to add an extra layer of protection with concealed carry clothing, all that helps you to be prepared.

What Is Women’s Concealed Carry Clothing?

Most women’s concealed carry clothing uses a pocket in an inner garment that allows you to carry an extra weapon. The pocket is made for a gun or other weapon that can easily be taken out if you are attacked. Other forms will allow you to have extra pockets in your pants and can be used with athletic or regular wear.

Another form of concealed clothing is with the Angel Guard Fashion style, placing non-violent weapons in accessories that match with your outfit. This allows you to easily get help and respond to violence while having the ability to defend yourself in case of an attack.

Angel Guard Designs for Self Defense

The coats and blazers that Angel Guard provides have belts that allow you to conceal self-defense weapons. The main weapon you use in this instance is a pressure point pin, which gives you extra strength when you are being attacked. Hitting someone in one of the vulnerable areas of their body with this pin will leave them decapitated with just enough time for you to get away.

The other area of defense you can get with the coats and blazers is with the siren that is attached. This will deter an attacker because of the noise it instantly begins to bring, allowing them to jolt from their initial attack. It also supports you in an isolated area, allowing others to be aware of the need to have help.

These two items support your ability to remain empowered and to get away while using women’s concealed carry clothing as the base approach from an attacker.

Other Methods for Self Defense

No matter what the event or situation, the best method to remain safe is to have various methods for self defense to help you. Women’s concealed carry clothing with undergarments that hold a gun or other weapon is the start. Using non-violent weapons with sirens and pressure point pins also supports you in case you may be attacked. You can also look at tasers and pepper spray to assist with the methods available for your protection.

self defense course

Tying this in with classes that allow you to have basic self defense moves supports even more options for the self defense that you need. By empowering yourself and being protected in public, you will easily be able to stop violence in its steps.

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