What Is the Best Self Defense Weapon to Carry? Maybe It’s You…

best self defense weapon to carry

What Is the Best Self Defense Weapon to Carry? Maybe It’s You…

There was an interesting story that came out this week relating to self-defense. A woman, who knew martial arts, was in a “real” situation where she was being assaulted. And with all the defense skills she knew – she froze. Her best self defense weapon to carry for protection fell short based on the response that she fell into.

There are 4 natural response systems that we have when it comes to violent attacks and self-defense.

1. Fight.
2. Flee.
3. Freeze.
4. Consent.

Your mind and your body will naturally do one of the above 4 based on what you think will get you out of trouble.

Rather than finding the best self defense weapon to carry, you want to look at training your mind to remain prepared and protected.

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Would If I Don’t Have Self-Defense Training?

There was a time when I was groped in public in the middle of the day. I knew at that point I was in a rape and assault culture where I couldn’t get out of the situation with help from any of the community.

I was walking home from the story at about 1 PM and a man groped me, then followed me onto the back street and began to grope me more. There was no one on the back street, so he thought he could get away with it.

By that time, I knew what it took to defend myself. So I began to scream. Loudly.

And he became scared. He didn’t want anyone to hear that he was actually doing something that he wasn’t supposed to.

He ran away and the next time I saw him – he ran across the street.

To get to this point, I trained myself that the best thing to do in any situation was to either flee or flight. In incidents in the past, I would freeze or consent.

The learning? It’s better to fight.

It doesn’t meant you need self-defense training. I’m not trained in self-defense. But I know how to use my voice. I know how to kick someone where it hurts. And I’ve looked at pressure points that I can use with weapons like tactical pens to get out of a situation.

I know enough to get out of a situation. And, I have the mindset that I will always get out.

Choose the best self defense weapon to carry. But more important, make you the best weapon that you decide to use.

How Do I Prepare for An Attack or Assault?

There’s one thing that disappoints me when I look at the statistics and talk to others. They have stopped leaving their homes. Incidents all over the world have led at least 25% of women in their homes and afraid to leave. That’s during the day. I’m sure the stats are higher at night.

Why are we afraid to walk down the street, leave our homes or go to certain activities because of incidents that have happened?

It’s natural to be afraid and to be aware. This is one of the best things we can do.

But what we are doing when we refuse to live our lives because of the potential of an assault is we are going into a freeze scenario. We are moving into one self-defense mechanism as our main choice as opposed to looking at how we can empower ourselves.

Looking at options such as the best self defense weapon to carry moves us out of the defense mechanism of “freeze” and into “free.”

So how do you prepare for an attack or an assault?

It begins with your mind.

What will you do if you are in a scenario where you are attacked or assaulted? Choose one of the 4. And set your mind to where you get out with the best option. Fight or flee… or a combination of both.

From there, you can look at the best self defense weapon to carry and understand exactly what you need to do next to go into fight, flight or a combination of both.

Know exactly what to do.

Making Angel Guard Fashion A Part of Your Self-Defense Plan

Why Angel Guard Fashion?

Whether you are going out for the night or have to work late, you are always prepared.

We’ve designed Angel Guard Fashion based on the ability to include both fight and flight in your response system.

That means you can have the fastest possible reaction based on the location of the halo (belt) connected to the tactical pen and siren.

It also means that you have the best self defense weapon to carry without using guns, knives and combat boots.

Stay feminine and stay in your power. That’s what we are saying yes! to.

When you give yourself this type of defense weapon, you are empowering yourself to stay free and to stay protected.

And as you do that, you change the statistics. You combat against an attack and you know that…

your angels are always with you.

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