Violence Against Women? Here’s How to Break the Numbers

Angel Guard Fashion ends violence against women

Violence Against Women? Here’s How to Break the Numbers

Did you know… violence against women doesn’t have to be a growing statistic. I know because I’ve looked into how to change the numbers.

As women, we can contribute to the decline of violence and sexual assaults globally.

It’s actually easier than you think.

Prevention and intervention during an attack reduces the number of sexual assaults that take place. In fact, researchers have found that being attacked reduces by an astounding 86% by using self-defense and preparation.

The form of empowerment that we all need is inside us. Believe in yourself. Empower yourself. That’s why I always say that empowerment is beautiful.


Can We Stop Violence Against Women?

When I started Angel Guard Fashion, I was looking at a series of research statistics. What this indicated was that the epidemic of violence was increasing.


When we see an act of violence occur every 13 days, we begin to believe it’s acceptable. And the incidents increase… until it is daily. This is the epidemic that is taking place right now in the world.

It’s a phenomenal process that takes place.

In fact, I was traveling through a high violence region and saw exactly how this worked. When I first got there, I didn’t notice anything.

Until one day, a story broke out of a woman who was gang raped and thrown off the top of a sky scraper.

You would think it was a mad, isolated incident… until it happened again 1 week later.

And then again, 3 days later.

And then the breakout became a 7 year old girl that was gang raped by her teachers in school.

And then every day that I opened the newspaper, there were 2 full pages of gang rapes and women being thrown off the top of sky scrapers… every day for the next 6 months of my travel.

Of course, the women went into a mad protest when the school incident happened… and national journalists began to state that gang rape was a right of passage that every man should experience. And so the numbers continued to increase.

The numbers and the stories show that the epidemic of violence is not exaggerated. More important, it becomes the norm in society, even when there are voices that are protesting against it.

Let’s Change the Stats

Despite what I’ve seen and what the research has proven, we can reverse the epidemic of violence. That’s because…

Empowerment is beautiful.

When we empower ourselves enough to believe that we can prevent sexual assault or becoming a victim of violence, then we start to change the epidemic.

We create an epidemic of peace.

Violence against women stops when we decide to work toward prevention and intervention. These are the first steps to peace.

And, when we actually begin to create safety as the norm, it stops the attacks that take place.

There’s one reason why…

Someone who is a predator doesn’t want to get caught. Just like a woman doesn’t want to get attacked, they are not interested in bringing any attention to themselves and being called out for sexual assault or violence.

When we bring attention to a predator through a siren or through our voice, when we use self-defense to get away and cause the predator to be caught… that’s when we start to fight together to end violence.

I believe that we can reduce the amount of violence that takes place globally.

Angel Guard Fashion is designed specifically for that.

And, I believe that women will start to feel better… more empowered… stronger… without losing their beauty and their true feminism.

Violence Against Women Stops Here

I am committed to reducing violence by up to 25% within 5 years. This is exactly how.

Every woman that supports themselves and empowers who they are with Angel Guard Fashion reduces their chances of being attacked by 86%.

And, our partnership program extends that… across the globe. We target high crime areas to make sure that those who are in a dangerous position receive some form of help through our angels.

When we start combining those numbers together, it has the capacity of reaching thousands and millions of women.

And with that, violent attacks start to reduce.

More important, those who try to attack someone are caught and more justice happens.

That means we start to promote an end to violence.

What happens if peace is promoted every 13 days? Just like violence, it turns into an epidemic.

THIS is the Angel Guard Fashion movement.

It is the end to violence against women.

It is the end to sex trafficking against children.

It is the end of bullying and kidnapping.

It is the end of workplace harassment.

It is the end of sexual assault.

It is the end of violence.

I believe strongly that we can create this type of momentum… this form of peace to bring in a new consciousness globally. Where we no longer desire to attack or create violent incidents because the consequences are simply not worth it.

Defend and empower yourself. When you do this, violence against women dramatically decreases.

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