Top 5 Self Defense Weapons for Women

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Top 5 Self Defense Weapons for Women

Even if you live in a statistically “safe” place, it’s essential to stay protected. Identifying self defense weapons for women that allow you to remain protected in every situation is a form of empowerment as you interact with society.

It’s important to note that self defense weapons for women are not as important as empowerment. If you understand how to protect yourself and develop a mindset that you can get through any circumstance, then you will always feel confident and protected in a given situation.

How Do I Find The Best Self Defense Weapons for Women?


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Identify your level of self defense and how you associate with protection in a given circumstance. You will want to be aware of the environment you are going into as well as what the possibilities are in that situation. Evaluating the environment and surroundings before you decide to go anywhere will help you to find the best self defense methods.

It’s important to note that a phone or items that are not readily available will not work alone. Usually, a predator understands how to disarm you first. This means that you will want to identify mechanics as much as products to find best solutions for protection.

#1: Angel Guard Halo Belt

Angel Guard halo line corset

The Angel Guard Fashion Halo Belt is defined with defense in mind. It is discreet and not easy to find or detach from a predator. At the same time, the belt is the area that is easiest to reach when you are in harm’s way. This allows you to stay protected and empowered by having mechanics in the right space in case of an attack.

The Angel Guard Halo Belt comes with a kombatan pin, a martial arts self defense weapon that has high impact results when hitting a predator in a pressure point. It also comes with a siren. If you aren’t aware of how to defend yourself, then send an alert to the community to assist you with a possible attack.

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#2: Tasers

The advantage of tasers is that it is not fatal. However, the emphasis of shocking the predator that is attacking you lasts long enough for you to hit them once and then get to a safe area. Many have lights attached to them as well as the ability to recharge the taser for a longer-lasting item.

If you use a taser, keep in mind that it will need to be in a place where it is easy to reach as well as discreet. Understand the best way to respond in a specific circumstance, especially because the taser is best used when you are closer to your attacker.

#3: Pepper Spray

Popular self defense weapons for women also include pepper spray. This is a non-lethal way to deter an attacker, even when they are further away from attacking you. Pepper spray items have a specific number of bursts to them (usually at 25), allowing you to focus on a direct target to your attacker. They work both up close as well as up to a few feet away and are able to shock a predator when spraying them in the eyes.

If you use pepper spray, make sure that it is easily accessible. It’s also important to know how much you have in a bottle so you don’t become defenseless. Remaining empowered with this particular item will distract your attacker long enough to get away without having the lethal impact of other items.

#4: Brass Knuckles

The first introduction to self defense weapons for women that most have is to take their keys and place them in between their hands. If someone attacks you, it doesn’t matter how much strength you have. The impact of the key makes up for the rest and allows you to getaway. Brass knuckles are similar, allowing you to punch or hit with your knuckles and to have a higher impact with your attacker.

The advantage of brass knuckles is that they are discreet and unexpected. As long as you are able to move into a position to hit someone, you will easily be able to alter the situation and shock a predator long enough to get away from the attack.

#5: Self Defense Knowledge

At Angel Guard Fashion, we always emphasize inner empowerment. In many cases, this means becoming aware of how to defend yourself in any situation. By having a deeper understanding of self defense, you will be able to maneuver out of any situation. More important, you will know what to look for and how to respond in any situation.

While self defense weapons for women can emphasize the help you need and provide empowerment, it’s essential for every individual to understand how to respond and get out of a situation if they are in danger.

Self defense knowledge doesn’t just require a focus on how to move. It begins with a mindset where you are able to protect yourself. When you are aware of what you need to do and can respond quickly, then you can get out of any dangerous situation.

For instance, a friend once was being robbed in her home. She knew one self defense move. With that move, she was able to go after the attacker and stop him from robbing her home. He was larger and older than her; however, the shock of fighting back led to the predators decision to not carry forward with the robbery.

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Your best defense is you. As you become empowered with a combination of self defense weapons for women and the knowledge of how to protect yourself, it will become easier for you to remain empowered in any given situation.

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