Social Impact in the Internal Environment: Empowering Women

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Social Impact in the Internal Environment: Empowering Women

The way we decide to set up our business determines an outcome that lasts for 20 years.

The global community is going through deep learning right now because of the setup of the industrial revolution, realizing that unconscious decisions about the environment and corporate structure are now problematic. As a result, companies with social impact are on the rise.

The issue is that many older businesses have a corporate structure in place that is difficult to transform into something new.

Businesses have the advantage to turn the tables and set social impact learning in motion. By setting corporate responsibility at the core of the business, we are able to alter the course of a business and use it to bring peace, prosperity, and freedom to the global community.

Women’s Empowerment

Through certain levels of awareness, there is the knowledge that many corporations have caused disadvantages to women in the workforce.

Underpaid positions in manufacturing plans and abusive situations have led several women and children to remain in a state of discomfort, poverty, and inequality.

The knowledge that Angel Guard Fashion has with working conditions in manufacturing plants has driven one key element of the internal environment – women’s empowerment.

If you have traveled in Asia, then you are aware of the small shop owners that sit outside of their homes or in front of the street with their sewing kit, waiting to help someone who passes by.

We are using this as an expansive network to give individuals that need work freedom to work from their homes and earn money by product as a part of our initiative for companies with social impact.

All products made by Angel Guard Fashion come from a woman who works as a seamstress – often who has a small space in front of their home.

We know that when we pass money over, it is going to feed the children sitting in the background and to care for the other parents and children that are in their surroundings.

Every time you buy from Angel Guard Fashion, you are buying from women who need work and deserve prosperity.

Working by Networking

Not only are we focused on empowerment based on supporting small women seamstresses in Asian countries, but are also highlighting work on demand.

We have asked each seamstress owner how much work they can handle and don’t demand more than this. Because we are working with a network of talent, each individual has complete freedom to decide how much work they want to take or not take.

For most businesses, this would seem like a risk. But for Angel Guard Fashion, it just brings more prosperity to the country we are working with, contributing to our reputation as companies with social impact.

The network in Vietnam we have launched with this product includes hundreds of seamstresses in need of work. And each is willing to take their fill as it comes in, eager to help and support projects in exchange for keeping their shops open.

With over 30 seamstresses in a 5-kilometer radius, there is enough prosperity to go around for everyone and to keep giving back to the community.

As Angel Guard Fashion expands, it brings back even more to every community we can reach.

To Women’s Empowerment Groups

One of the earliest goals of Angel Guard Fashion was to connect to groups that are assisting women who are disadvantaged in various regions of the globe.

In many countries, a woman losing a husband also means that she will be homeless, without the capacity to earn, and has a family that will not accept caring for her in the situation. As a result, they remain disadvantaged without any support.

Many women have found this as an issue and are supporting women who need and deserve empowerment.

Groups that have formed offer bracelets and jewelry that are handmade in exchange for monetary support, often which includes living in a commune or having food sources they would not otherwise have.

As Angel Guard Fashion expands, we will formulate several partnerships with these groups, combining our angels with their handcrafted work and giving even more prosperity to women around the globe.

Holding a Vision of Empowerment

There are many corporations that focus on the business for monetary sources. Instead, we are looking at how a business acts as a tool for positive impact.

Every part of the Angel Guard Fashion makeup is filled with solutions from corporate responsibility. Our women’s empowerment initiatives are one of the many ways we are filling the world with social impact initiatives and creating a world of justice, equality, peace, and freedom.

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