Self Defense Classes for Women

self defense classes for women

Self Defense Classes for Women

Even if it’s just 1-2 times, self-defense skills can be taught easily and effectively. This will help you to have a skillset if you become a soft target or if you want to prevent an act of violence from occurring.

Self Defense Courses For Females

60 minute self defense

Women of all ages, fitness, and skill levels should attend self-defense classes. You will learn basic skills like how to respond when someone attacks you from different positions. There are always “openings” or “weaker points” that you can focus on when attacked. For instance, if someone has you in a chokehold, you can look at ways to duck and hit them to loosen the hold and get away. When you are taking a self defense class, you will learn things such as:

  • How to use the environment around you to your advantage.
  • How to use your opponent’s body weight against them.
  • How to break free from grabs and bear hugs, headlocks, chokes, and more.

Self-defense classes for women aren’t just to identify ways to get out of an attack. It also changes your brain to a mobile response when you are under attack. Because most women will panic when being attacked, you only have the capacity to respond based on your muscle memory in stressful circumstances.

When you take self-defense classes for women, you change the course of an attack. Your mind to muscle memory will start to think of ways to get out of a situation and will learn how to fight in a fear-based situation based on fight or flight. This response mechanism will help you to  break out of a violent attempt and will give you more toolsets to maneuver and get away from an attack.

Extending Courses with Physical Training

Physical training is a great way to get in shape, build confidence and learn how to defend yourself. When you know how to protect yourself physically if someone threatens you or tries to attack you, then you extend your capacity to defend yourself. Physical training for self-defense isn’t based on building muscle or physique but instead is based on your ability to physically defend yourself in a situation.

For example, if someone grabs at your purse and pulls it away from your shoulder, instead of just holding onto the strap and letting him take it off (which is what most people would do), physical techniques and reactions would change the response, such as grabbing both sides of the strap with one hand while pushing down on his arm with our other hand until he lets go of the belt. This physical response causes the attacker to be at a detriment, shocks them, and allows you to maneuver with your physical training just enough to alter the circumstance.

Mental Training and Self Defense

There is a direct correlation between the mindset someone has and self-defense. With self-defense classes for women, you immediately begin to identify new patterns and habits to mentally respond to a situation and have the physical responses follow.

This also includes thinking ahead and projecting in order to protect yourself. Being aware of your surroundings, finding alternative paths to walk, not walking with headphones, avoiding distractions, and other mental training tactics will support your ability to remain protected while out.

Learning to Defend Yourself

If you’ve been in a situation where someone has attacked you, it’s important to remember that your priority is getting out of harm’s way so you can get help afterward. There are several key actions to take when defending yourself against an attacker:

  • Stay calm and assess the situation. Is this person threatening violence? Do they have a weapon? Are they drunk or high? What will happen if I run away right now? These questions are essential in determining your next move in any situation involving physical aggression from another person.
  • Decide how much force is needed for self-defense (or whatever level makes sense given the circumstances). Some things need no aggressive reaction whatsoever—if someone touches me without permission once I’ve said no thanks, then using sound or moving away may be enough. If there is size disparity and a deeper threat, then it’s important to learn how to read into the situation and get yourself out of a situation which may victimize you.

Starting Self-Defense Moves

The goal of self-defense is for you to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones, not necessarily kill your opponent. Basic self defense classes for women will teach you things like:

  • How to use your hands – If someone is attacking you with his/her fists facing forward, don’t use your hands in the same manner. Instead, grab their wrist and twist it until they yell out in pain or until they drop their weapon (if they are holding one).
  • How to use your feet – Kicking someone will cause more damage than punching them because their legs aren’t as thick as their arms. Additionally, kicking someone will knock them down so that they cannot continue attacking while on top of you.
  • How to use your knees – Knees are useful when someone tries to attack from behind because it allows for maximum reach from a short distance away from an attacker who may have grabbed onto clothing such as jackets or shirtsleeves and then pulled back towards themselves before thinking about what else could happen next once this happens; therefore allowing time for precautions such as kicking before anything else happens!

If you are looking for self defense classes for women, there are several that you can use to understand the basics. By preparing yourself, you will never be caught off guard and will always have another way to defend yourself.

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