Safety Starts Within: Best Self Defense for Women

best self defense for women

Safety Starts Within: Best Self Defense for Women

Too often, we overlook the most important part of being prepared to go out. Start with safety and think about prevention. When we are looking at the best self defense for women, we should always begin with what it means to remain empowered and free at all times.


What Is the Best Self Defense for Women?

Some time ago, I met someone at a hotel who started to speak with me. She was a successful technical engineer that worked for a large corporation. She was walking home late after work and was with her friends in a parking lot.

Out of no where, 3 men came behind her and attacked her. They hit her with a bat on the back of the head and she passed out, in which they proceeded to rape her.

She will never be able to work again and was recovering from a severe brain injury when I met her.

What she told me first… I wasn’t expecting that to happen.

This is something that most victims will say right after an attack. They weren’t ready and they weren’t expecting it.

The best self defense for women is to start by thinking about safety first.

Preparation Can Stop Violence

Statistics state that prevention reduces a chance of violence by over 86%. It’s not that we need to be obsessed with violence or think it is possible for us to be attacked.

But what we need to realize is that preparation by thinking about prevention can significantly change an outcome.

Learn self-defense. Have self-defense tools. Look at what you would do in the most common circumstances. And don’t let it ever happen to you.

Be prepared internally to feel safe and free every time you go out the door.

That’s what empowerment means.

What Would You Do?

Angel Guard Fashion isn’t about statements of violence or revenge. But what we do believe is that prevention and self-defense is necessary. In fact, it’s the first step to stopping violence at a macro level while allowing you to no longer be a part of the violence that takes place.

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The best self defense for women is to find a way to make sure you are always looking at your own defense and prevention while making sure you never fall into the category of being a victim.

Whether it is through a self-defense tool or knowing basic moves or connecting to friends, always make sure you find ways to prevent violence from occurring.

Self Defense Tools You Can Use


best self defense for women


  1. Tactical Pins. Our top recommendation is a tactical pin. They are easy to clip on your halo belt, are discreet and make your next self-defense move that much stronger. Our Angel Guard Fashion Halo Belts include a brass style as well as heavier feel, making the impact even stronger while using a sharp point to stun someone who is attacking you.
  2. Sirens. At 168 db, these will deter an attacker and will help the surroundings to be aware of a dangerous situation. Keep your siren by your side if you don’t want or know self-defense and move out of the stun that is happening during an attack.
  3. Pepper Spray. A favorite of everyone who is looking at self-defense, this is easy to stick in your purse and have ready in case of an attack. Make sure you can grab the spray fast enough and be ready in case of an attack.
  4. Knuckles. There are brass or pin based knuckles that are easy to attach to a key chain or to assist while you are outside. Similar to tactical pins, these have a strong impact while being easy to carry and discreet.

The best self defense for women doesn’t need to include guns, knives or other formats that create more violence. You can shock a defender get help and make sure you prevent an attack from happening. By following this formula, you will easily begin to move more toward safety.


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Safety Starts Within

With all the tools that are available, it is not the ability to have prevention available that is important. Safety starts within. The best self defense for women is preparation.

When you feel empowered, aware and safe, then you are less likely to get an attack. When you walk down the street with a sense of awareness, then it is likely that you won’t be attacked.

If you see red flags and signals that something might happen, then you can be prepared and nothing will.

Start with your mindset and with the idea of being prepared at all times. It doesn’t have to be fear based, but an awareness and confidence based.

Allow that state of empowerment to follow you. That alone, will allow you to move to a state of prevention. And for attackers, they won’t sense that they want to attack you. A risk may be sensed.

Practice empowerment. Move toward prevention. And let’s all take an initiative to stop violence from acting out.

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