Pressure Points for Self-Defense

pressure points for self defense

Pressure Points for Self-Defense

The natural body can become a weapon, used to provide heavy pressure to a location on the body. Only a small percentage of the 350 pressure sites on the human body can be used for self-defense. Understanding how to target this will support you in a vulnerable situation.

The Easiest Pressure Point for Self Defense:

Martial arts beginners often search for immediate solutions for both offense and defense. To someone who is unaware of defensive movements, it’s natural to press any area on the body and have total power over their adversary. Real defense masters “learn” the art via “practice.” There truly isn’t a simple solution to this question.

There are, however, a few helpful self-defense tips that can empower you without having to learn a martial arts skill. An effective pressure point can be found in a matter of seconds. Remember, this helps you to get out of a difficult situation while weakening someone who is attacking you.

Pressure Point Goals:

Various objectives call for different amounts of pressure. Moving a person can be facilitated by applying pressure to specific pressure points. Your finger is pressing into the attacker’s skin, so he tries to flee.

Other painful pressure spots can be found on the body. Once your assailant hears your cries of pain, he or she stops attacking.

Your opponent may be unable to move because of pressure points for self-defense on their body. The attacker is unable to move since doing so would result in agony.

Other pressure locations can also be utilized to relieve tension. Your adversary is holding you down. Pressing the button causes the hold to be released.

Do Pressure Points Work?

Scientific methods don’t determine the placement of pressure points for self-defense. Those parts of the body are more vulnerable to pain and damage. Some appear self-evident, so people tend to keep them under wraps. Even so, it’s usually a good idea to hide in an area the assailant has never heard of.

Pain is interpreted differently by each individual. The assailant’s pain threshold may also be lowered if they are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Because of this, it is difficult to predict the outcome. 

As a result, when dealing with these issues, you should focus on your strengths. It’s not always essential to injure your adversary to persuade him that you would not be a submissive victim in the event of an attack.

7 Pressure Points for Self Defense:

These 7 pressure points will help you to defend yourself and to move out of a state of vulnerability. By understanding how to maneuver, you will easily begin to alter your position in case of an attack.

  1. Jaw:

An assailant’s consciousness can be briefly shattered by a hard blow to the jaw with the side of your palm. This is due to the fact that such a blow will force the head to spin so violently that it will shake the brain.

  1. Sciatic Nerve:

Located between the knee as well as the groin, the sciatic nerve is located on the inner thigh’s midline. If you apply enough power to this pressure point, you may experience disorientation, shock, significant discomfort, and even momentary foot paralysis.

  1. Biceps:

It is possible to temporarily paralyze the arm by striking the biceps. The attacker’s grasp may loosen due to the fingers’ instinctive relaxation.

  1. Groin:

The bladder or genitals are located just above the groin in a very sensitive location. Even a minor hit to this particularly vulnerable spot can profoundly affect the person who receives it. The bladder can be ruptured by a strong impact, causing shock.

  1. Brachial Plexus:

Strikes towards the brachial plexus can leave your hand numb and in a lot of discomfort. Depending on the severity of the hit, you may even shatter the collarbone, which might result in a brachial plexus nerve injury.

  1. Tibialis Anterior Muscle:

Anyone who sustains a severe blow to this area runs the risk of shattering it, which can cause excruciating agony and render the victim unable to move or think clearly. In the event that the fracture is particularly severe, the blood vessels may indeed be ruptured.

  1. Hands:

The hands of humans are packed full of sensitive nerve fibers that can be used as a weapon against an adversary. Because of this, applying pressure to the space between a person’s wrists may induce them to relax their hold and become less composed in their actions.

The advantage of using pressure points is that it doesn’t require strength or mass force. You have the capacity to maneuver by shocking the body. Some of these show that the push in a sensitive area doesn’t require strength, but only a targeted aim. With one move, you can maneuver out of a vulnerable position as a victim, to someone who is empowered in any situation.

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