Perfect Party Glam: Party Dresses for Women

party dress for women

Perfect Party Glam: Party Dresses for Women

You’ve purchased your Angel Guard Halo Line Party Dress, but how are you going to style yourself for a night out with the girls or a charity event? Let’s finish your look with these party dresses for women with the perfect party glam makeup and hair styling. To prepare, let’s put on a robe to protect your dress from makeup fallout or hair products. Now, time for the fun part – event appropriate hair and makeup ideas!

Night Out With the Squad

For a night out with your besties, you want a look that is comfortable, but with a sprinkle of glamor. The day before your friend-date, wash your hair and then do two low, chunky braids (nothing fancy – just a simple three strand braid on both sides of your head). Let this dry overnight and then take out your braids. You have instantly wavy hair without heat damage! BEWARE THOUGH!

Do not brush your hair. Instead, lightly comb your fingers through with a touch of argan oil to break up the waves while reducing frizz and adding shine. This hairdo offers some additional variety. You can swoop it up into a loose ponytail or a half-up half-down style to add in with your party dresses for women. The waves also add some texture that makes dry, straight hair easier to braid. If you want, you could even break the rules and brush it for extra volume to create a large, “messy” bun! 

best looks for party dresses for women

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For makeup, you can keep this as subtle as dramatic as you want. Our dresses come in a variety of colors and while you can pick makeup colors that perfectly match your dress, you can also choose some contrasting colors (red contrasts with green, blue with orange, purple with yellow, and black goes with EVERYTHING). 

Party Dresses for Women for a Formal Event 

Formal events typically require a much more polished, refined look. Thank goodness you bought a VERY versatile dress from us! Our party dresses for women are known for fitting into every occasion while offering a unique slant. In order to transform your look from casual to formal, we recommend an updo. This will really let your dress and accessories SHINE. 

Start by brushing your hair back into a high ponytail. Leave out about a 1-2 inch wide strand. Wrap that section of hair around your ponytail to hide the elastic. Use a bobbypin to secure hair in place. Slick back flyaways and frizz with a LIGHT HOLD gel (light hold gel typically causes less flakes for dark hair). You can dress this look up further by braiding the hair you’ll use to wrap around your ponytail. 

For makeup, a natural look will suit almost any formal event. This means a light blush, mascara and/or natural false lashes, eyebrow gel, and a nude lipstick (foundation and concealer is optional – this is strictly up to your level of confidence with your skin). If you would like to go for a more dramatic route, try a smoky eyeshadow with neutral OR red, matte lipstick. Red lipstick can be hard to pull off, so make sure you find a red with undertones that suit your skin (to make this easy, find your local Sephora or Ulta and enlist the help of an employee). 

Accessories are your final step for the perfect party dresses for women. With an updo, long earrings look absolutely stunning. They help to elongate the appearance of your neck which gives you a very elegant silhouette. A simple, thin necklace that hugs close to your neck will provide a small extra detail that enhances your look without clashing with or overlapping your dress. 


hairstyles for party dress for women

Photo by Omar Tursić on Unsplash

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