How To Respond To Someone Who Might Attack You

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How To Respond To Someone Who Might Attack You

Many believe that there is no way to prevent violence. If you are alone, in the streets and you are attacked, then the outcome is in favor of the attacker.

This is not true.

If you learn self-defense and know how to respond to someone, then you can stop the attack and save yourself.

Defense mechanisms and responses are so important. It will help you to change the outcome and allows you to protect yourself from attackers. This is why Angel Guard was created – it is the first response system that deters someone from attacking you.

1. Decide What Is More Dangerous.

The first response is always fight or flight. If you can’t fight the attacker, then know what to give up. In many instances, it’s just a robbery. Let go of the material things to make sure you are safe. In other instances, find the weak points or a place to run to. This will help you to get assistance and time from the attacker.

2. Learn Self-Defense.

We don’t learn how to defend ourselves, especially as women. Set a time to learn certain physical maneuvers and practice them consistently. Make sure you do this until it is an automatic response. The one thing which someone who is attacking doesn’t expect… is that you will be able to fight back. Make sure you are prepared in every scenario.

60 minute self defense

3. Have the Right Tools.

Angel Guard is a tool that is designed to deter attackers and protect you. You can also have things like pepper spray, pressure point pins or you can even place a key in your hand so that when you punch someone, it scars them. When you are walking alone and in an unsafe place, be prepared to defend yourself.

4. Catch Your Attacker Off Guard.

There is a specific mental mindset with an attacker. There is a focus with someone who is a “predator” where they have a funnel vision and one track mind. If you use sound, such as yelling or the Angel Guard alarm, then it will distract and deter that mindset. It has the potential of saving your life.

5. Find Safety.

Often, the easiest way to save yourself from an attack is to go a different route. Find an exit point where an attacker won’t want to follow. Run faster than you would expect. Turn a different corner or hide behind a door. These are simple ways to change the direction of someone who may attack you so you can get to safety. As soon as you feel out of harms way, contact your angel network and get help.

You aren’t the victim of violence. You don’t need to be attacked in any circumstance. Learn how to remain safe and to prevent yourself from harm. As you do this, it will decrease the amount of violence in the world and help you to become more empowered.

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