Considering Self-Defense Classes for Women? Here’s What to Think About

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Considering Self-Defense Classes for Women? Here’s What to Think About

Today’s world is distraught with violence and dangers, especially when in public places. It is not a surprise that we can read a newspaper and watch the news and see how sad it is that violence has started to take a prominent place in our society. As violence begins to center within the news, it creates a spiral where violence begets more violence, causing many places within society to reach their outer limits. This makes self-defense classes for women essential.

Women have always suffered different kinds of violence where they are often seen as a “softer target” for an attack. Every day one new name of a victim replaces the previous one, and every time a criminal is taken out of circulation, 5 more start to accumulate on the streets. 

For this reason, self-defense classes for women have become a need, building awareness and the ability to get out of an aggressive scenario. This doesn’t mean that you need massive training or Jiu-Jitsu. It means that you need to turn a situation where you have an extra 30 seconds to get out of a situation and not become a victim of your environment or surroundings.

What is Self-Defense for Women?

Self-defense is a discipline that will empower you, it will make you aware and will give you tools in case you need to overcome any dangerous situation. It gives you physical and psychological tools to face an aggressor successfully. This of course will empower you and will make you feel safer. Self-defense training puts you in charge of your day-to-day life, allowing you to use a perfect balance between logic and improvisation in case you are facing an attacker. 

Many women have started practicing martial arts, as a way to be ready in case they will face any danger. However, in these cases, adrenaline rushes and survival instinct tries to kick in, and everything learned in the gym can be forgotten in seconds. 

Therefore, self-defense classes for women rely on teaching ways to react in case of an attack. Looking for weak spots, learning how to read the situation, and taking the best course of action for prevention are ways that you can empower yourself. 

The Best Weapon: Prevention

One of the best defenses is prevention. This doesn’t mean that you have to feel on guard and subjected to your environment. It means that you are aware and know what you need to do and how you need to react in a specific situation.

Here are some key recommendations for your safety:

Don’t be an easy target: Believe it or not, one’s body language is an important factor in inciting or deterring a criminal who is watching and trying to pick an easy prey. Walk confidently, shoulders back, eyes straight ahead. A woman who walks with her head down and shoulders down gives the impression of being unsure, and therefore someone who is unlikely to resist her assailant.

Look around: Sometimes a woman is overconfident, perhaps because it is broad daylight, or because she has walked the same path countless times. If you do not pay attention to what is going on around you, you make it easier for a criminal, who will want to catch you off guard. Pay attention to where you are walking and the people around you. 

Trust your instincts: If a situation feels uneasy, or your intuition is trying to tell you that a place is unsafe, listen to it. If you see someone following you or any other suspicious attitude, go into any store or lighted building. If the person does not leave, talk to the manager or the concierge and, if necessary, have them call the police. If you are unable to enter any such premises, one idea is to try to walk near a group of people rather than alone.


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Importance of Self-Defense Classes for Women

Learning to defend yourself in a dangerous situation is not a fad. It is not a passing trend. It is right and necessary. When you attend self-defense classes for women, it does not mean that you have suffered an attack before. On the contrary, there are many women that are aware of the importance of knowing how to respond to a dangerous situation.

These courses or lessons have two main objectives. The first one is giving women tools to respond when facing any danger. The second is making women believe that they can actually defend themselves and that don’t have to be a victim of circumstances. 

There is a great emotional change experienced with self-defense classes for women, as they go from thinking that they will not be able to respond to aggression to believing that they can (and should) do so. When you know that you have the tools and that, in addition, they don’t require force, it gives women more confidence. And that confidence means that in many cases if the time comes to confront aggression, they won’t be paralyzed.

Why should every woman take self-defense classes?

Besides giving you the tools you need to defend yourself and a sense of empowerment that says that you can take proper action, all of the moves and techniques are based on instinctive moves that are easy to remember. Self-defense classes focus on the following:

  •  Common attack methods that are used and how to respond
  • Ways to remain prepared in different scenarios
  • How to respond to an environment
  • Simple moves you can learn immediately for self-defense
  • How to react when in a fight or flight mode
  • Step-by-step approaches to protect yourself

You will feel safer knowing that you have an arsenal of tools to defend yourself if anything happens and will have the proper techniques to always remain empowered.

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