Concealed Carry Clothing for Women: Reach Your Empowerment

concealed carry clothing

Concealed Carry Clothing for Women: Reach Your Empowerment

According to many, the only way to work with concealed carry clothing for women is to have a gun that is covered by a specific set of items.

There are different ways to work with self-defense items while using fashion as a part of your protective items.

Concealed carry clothing for women not only involves hidden gun holsters for women. There are also other self-defense products that highlight the capacity to conceal items you have and which offer more results based on the type of self-defense you want.

What Is Concealed Carry Clothing for Women?

When most think of concealed carry clothing, it is identified by hidden guns or holsters that can be used when someone is in danger. This extends to the following:

* Hidden self-defense items
* Harmony of your fashion items with self-defense weapons
* Easy to access self-defense products with fashion items

Angel Guard Fashion provides concealed carry clothing for women for alternative self-defense products that help you to prevent and intervene an act of violence. You can use our different fashion items to always have your self-defense products close and by your side.

Using Fashion for Defense

When you first start to work with concealed carry clothing, you will want to identify how you can work with your fashion items for defense.

Typically, self-defense and fashion don’t get along. Clothing is one of the many ways that protection gets in the way. If you are trying to grab a mobile phone or bag, for instance, then your fashion statement may slow down your response time, depending on what you are wearing.

In other instances, self-defense doesn’t take place because the right tools aren’t in the right place. If you respond too slowly in an attack, then you become victim to an incident occurring.

In many self-defense courses, individuals are taught how to find the “weak point” of their offender, specifically to stop an attack.

If you are working defensively, then you can use certain fashion items to work in your favour. It requires fast reactions and being ready to defend yourself in a specific situation.

Self – Defense Products That Work

self-defense products for women

Despite the popular belief that you need to have a gun or knife for proper self-defense, there are plenty of other ways to free yourself from a threatening situation. In some instances of self-defense, they state that running or going to a different location is enough to stop the situation from occurring.

  1. Sirens. An attacker or offender has a one track mind. There is a psychology where everything but a funnel vision turns on. This is why many attacks that are seen or which occur lead to an accumulation of problems from instigation.

Sirens and sound are some of the most powerful ways to deter an attacker. This is why you see many violent incidents “muffle” or try to stop someone from screaming once they have them in a specific position.

It assists with getting help and attention to a specific location and weakening the attack that is occurring.

More important, sound has the capacity to break the funnel vision of an attacker. There have been incidents where I have been in an attack. I started screaming at the top of my lungs, and it actually jolted the attacker – enough to where they ran away.

Sound as self-defense is an incredibly powerful tool for empowerment and to assist with stopping an attack. Concealed carry clothing for women with sirens, such as through Angel Guard Fashion’s halo line, is a defined way to prevent an attack.

View the halo line belt here.

2. Pressure Point Pins. If you don’t have self-defense training, then you are at a slight disadvantage to your attacker. This doesn’t mean that you can’t defend yourself.

Pressure point pins are a martial arts tool used to weaken attackers. If you place the pressure in one area, such as the neck, then it can sting and hurt your attacker. This will last long enough to shock those who are attacking you and to help you get away. While they are small and somewhat unassuming, they have an incredible power to help in any case of violence.

3. Pepper Spray and Stunt Guns. There are mixed reviews about pepper spray and stunt guns. For pepper spray, you have to hit the attacker in the eyes and have easy access to the items. In many instances, the inability to connect it to a fashion product can be seemingly difficult to use.

Stunt guns are also a popular item. However, many state that accessing the weapons is difficult. More important, you are placing yourself openly close to the attacker by proximity, specifically because it is required to shock or stun them. This may not have the practical responses that you want, but can be an effective item to use in specific instances.

Guns and knives are always popular, but as many know, not always reasonable and require training. You will want to make sure that it is a practical solution and that you have easy to access options with these weapons. If you believe it makes you more comfortable for self-defense, then it can be used for protection.

60 minute self defense

The Best Formulas for Prevention

There is no easy way to prevent an act of violence and many say it is impossible. This is why options such as concealed carry clothing for women are so important for your protection.

If you have no self-defense training, then your best approach is to look at ways you can easily access self-defense products for protection.

You will find that this access is able to provide you with new prevention items that are easier to work with and which assist with your empowerment.

At Angel Guard Fashion, we believe everyone has the right to self-protection. Our items were created by self-defense professionals for fast, simple to access solutions that are always at hand for your needs.

View our products here.

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