Angel Guard Fashion 2019 Launch Report

Angel Guard Fashion Launch Report

Angel Guard Fashion 2019 Launch Report

With Angel Guard Fashion’s launch in August of 2019, we were able to work into several areas that highlight both the potential and promise of our unique fashion line.

Within 4 months, Angel Guard Fashion saw continuous growth, interest, and momentum for the products, bringing in greater awareness of the brand while highlighting the potential to reach the global community through social impact while reducing violence.

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Highlights of 2019

Introduction of the First Signature Line

Angel Guard Fashion introduced the first line (MVP) for the fashion products, showcasing how the accessories and fashion wear can embed items without losing a sense of fashion.

Feedback was continuously received regarding the fashionable wear, specifically because of the lack of items for women that include a combination of self-defense with a fashion item used for occasions such as going to events and parties. Moving into women based items with self-defense opens a new, innovative territory for women who want to remain empowered.

Supply Chain and Operational Management

With help and support from the community, Angel Guard Fashion has determined the best location for production in Vietnam. While maintaining US offices, this will extend to a supply chain that supports the global community based on the following:

* Vietnam’s projection is aligned with sustainability and environmentally friendly materials, using processes with bamboo, silk, and eucalyptus that have a smaller eco-imprint.

* Vietnamese seamstresses with smaller shops are located in many areas. They are not only talented but every time an Angel Guard Fashion item is made, it is supporting women to be empowered, live comfortably and support their families.

* Made to order can be done with short turn around times, allowing the process of several orders to take place without interfering with the supply chain while building a scalable business, even while using independent seamstress shops.

Momentum and Recognition

Six weeks after launch, Angel Guard Fashion formed a partnership with Hearst Publications. The products were featured in 9 total publications, each being showcased on websites in the UK over a period of 4 weeks.

Cosmopolitan, Woman, LDN Fashion, Prima, Woman’s Day, Marie Claire, Woman’s Weekly, What’s on TV, Celebs Now all showcased products while gathering information about interest in Angel Guard Fashion products.

Final reports highlighted that over 50,000 individuals signed up with interest in receiving the products, most of which were women between the ages of 40 – 60.

This shows the potential for Angel Guard Fashion as well as the demographic interest.

Not only did the study support the launch of Angel Guard Fashion for brand recognition, but it was furthered with coverage in startup magazines as well as Springwise, being featured as a top innovative startup for 2019.

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What’s In Store for 2020

With the current developments of Angel Guard Fashion, we are excited to build momentum through 2020, using the initial developments to create even more momentum for the global community.

Beginning in 2020, Angel Guard Fashion has committed to reducing violence by 25% within 5 years. It starts this year by committing 10% of our proceeds to distribute angels in high crime areas. This year, we will focus on Brazil, distributing angel fashion products to high crime areas that would not be able to afford angels.

Read more with our partnership programs.

We are also excited to extend our product line with more halo line products, specifically focusing on Millennial style designs to expand interest in our products.

To further our line, we will also target the 3rd quarter to introduce a children’s line and a tech line that is designed to reduce the number of kidnappings, trafficking, assault and bullying among children and youth.

The promise and interest of Angel Guard Fashion showcase from the launch phase the promise to reduce violence and to showcase the depth and meaning of social impact projects.

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