7 Self Defense Moves for Women

7 Self Defense Moves for Women

You can walk down the street without fear of who is walking behind you or who might be waiting around the corner.

Even if you haven’t taken a self-defense class, there are ways to be prepared. Following are the 07 best self-defense moves that allow women to be stronger and to never fear a predator again. 

07 Self Defense Moves for Women

Maybe you know nothing about self-defense and are craving the freedom that is gained from knowing simple self-defense techniques. Or maybe you know a little bit but need to refine your techniques so you can stay one step ahead of any possible predators. Try these moves as a simple way to defend yourself.

  1. Move # 01 – Side Arm Chop

Okay so the technique is very simple, hit your opponent with the side of your arm, but where do you aim? Answer: Anywhere! You can aim for the head, the neck, collar bone, the ribs, knees, kidneys, ANYWHERE! It’s not a complex move so you don’t have to worry about developing a skill. It will free you from their grip, and shock them long enough for you to getaway.

  1. Move # 02 – Head-Butt Attacking

The best way to use a head-butt is to aim for the nose. If you land your blow on the nose it’s not going to affect you as much since the impact is cushioned by the breaking of cartilage.  A broken nose can be a fight ender for some people. The pain can be excruciating, and it will likely cause the eyes to water up enough to limit vision.

  1. Move # 03 – Push and Pull Technique

If a predator or someone grabs your arm, you can easily outwit your opponent by pushing in the direction that they are pulling. This will make your attacker off balance and you can make him/her more unbalanced by using your body weight. Try to push with your legs until they lose their balance and fall backward on the floor. Then, start kicking in the groin or placing your heel in their face or solar plexus to make them feel pain. Once your attacker is down, run to safety.

  1. Move # 04 – Groin Strike

As for actually performing the technique, it’s fairly simple. 

You can use the groin strike with the sidearm chop. If you are grabbed from behind, try to twist to the side as much as possible, which gives you the chance to swing your arm right into your attackers’ crotch. If he grabs you in a bear hug from behind simply stretch your arms out to the side like you’re reaching for something on both the left and right, this should break his hold on you. Now, drop down to your knees before he can grab you again and throw your elbow back into his groin. You can do the same thing if put in a bear hug from the front but change the elbow for a simple punch/uppercut.

  1. Move # 05 – Front Kick Attack

Okay, this technique is easy. Ever kick a ball? Same thing here and nothing fancy.

Usually, in a fight, the person who is defending is also retreating. It’s natural to step back and try to distance yourself from your opponent in hopes of getting a chance to throw a punch yourself.

If you kick him in the shin he’s going to pull that leg back, it might only be a single step back, but that is your window of opportunity. It gives you a chance to press your attack and put him on the defensive. You’re not even aiming high. Just a quick shot to the shin to get him to stop advancing and put him back on his heels.

  1. Move # 06 – Target Weak Points

If you find yourself in a situation where action is required I suggest direct strikes to weak points of the body – nose, eyes, throat, knees, and groin. Your goal should always be to get away from an attacker so if you can shock him and buy even a few seconds this can be enough.

  1. Move # 07 – Yell or Scream

Be Loud – If you are ever unfortunate to be accosted by someone following you, or you are grabbed by a perpetrator, YELL!  SCREAM!  Don’t scream rape or help, instead shout FIRE.

It’s a strange fact of life that shouting fire will attract help as opposed to the cry of rape or help which seems to be mainly ignored. Screaming or shouting FIRE also has an effect on an attacker; it tends to throw them, giving you an opportunity to make your escape.

BONUS MOVE – Use Clothes as a Weapon

Sometimes, the best weapon you have for self-defense is already on your body.

Your jacket may be the best self-defense weapon, which may help you get away by simply taking it off. If that does not help, you can wrap the same jacket around the attacker’s neck to choke them. Moreover, you can also use the same jacket to blind them so that you can run away.


Knowing some basic self-defense techniques will help you in danger. Being prepared mentally and knowing what to do as a proactive and preventative measure allows you to become empowered. 

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