Sponsorship Program


Global Peace Campaign


Angel Guard Enterprises is dedicated to combatting against the growing epidemic of violence. Together, we can spread a message of peace to the world while bringing hope to those who have been victimized.

Angel Guard Enterprises offers a 5 step program designed to reduce violence within targeted regions.

Step 1: Awareness

Putting violence into the spotlight, specifically by showing the psychological and behavioral patterns will be shown, as well as alternatives for a peaceful society.

Step 2: Motivation

Through concerts, fashion shows and artistic presentations, Angel Guard will bring hope to victims that have been subjected to violent crimes while offering an educational tool to communities.  Brooke Hart, CEO of Angel Guard, is a concert pianist. The Angel Guard concept was inspired during an Angel tour.  This will be applied to motivational messages and awareness, offering unique approaches to combat against violence.  

Step 3: Conflict Resolution

Angel Guard will host seminars in every community to look at tools for conflict – resolution. Industry experts will dialogue with the community to bring awareness to conflict resolution, focusing on domestic, street, group and national issues.  The identification of different forms of violence, as well as ways to resolve this will be designed to change the tools of communities so they can begin to reduce violence.

Step 4: Prevention

Angel Guard has developed preventative tools using fashion – tech to assist with reducing violence. Fashion products that connect to technology will be available to assist in preventing attacks against violence.

Step 5: Outreach

Outreach programs distribute Angel Guard products to high – attack regions of the world that could not afford preventative tools.  Join us by becoming a sponsor to Angel Guard Friends.  Individual purchases, wholesale of 100 or corporate sponsorship of 100,000 or more are available for our outreach program.

We Can Create Peace

The Angel Guard: You Are Not Alone campaign will take place through Fall of 2017 and through 2018. The global peace campaign will expand and evolve through a 5 year time frame, specifically with the goal of reducing violent attacks, harassment and rape by 25% globally within 5 years.

Many believe that violence is a psychological and behavioral response to the surrounding environment. As violence is seen and acted upon in communities, it continues to accelerate, becoming an accepted behavior within society.

Angel Guard believes that the continuous promotion of peace will begin to create an alternative response, allowing the amount of attacks to reduce globally. By promoting prevention, peace and resolution, new patterns and behaviors can begin to be created within society.

The 5 step program is designed to reach this particular goal, working with a combination of products and messages to lead to peace as a trend and expected behavior within society. Through strategic and targeted approaches, Angel Guard Enterprises will be able to exceed the goal of reducing violence in every region of the world, leading to violence becoming a marginalized event.

Become a sponsor today and join our peace campaign!  We are currently looking for individual, group and corporate sponsors.  Host an event, join our forum or donate Angel Friend bracelets to women / children in need.  

 Help us now to create a more peaceful world and to positively change lives!