Reducing Violence, One Angel At A Time

Two years ago, I was performing musial compositions at Saint Xavier’s Exposition in Goa, India.  Every week, I would go to a very old church and sing my compositions and inspirational music about angels.  The miracles they perform, and how I know they are always there.  

When performing, I noticed a man who would continue to come to listen to the music.  He would sit in the very front and wait for me to sing, then stay for the next set and the next.  He came for weeks, going into a very deep and tranquil state when listening to the music.

As a sign of gratitude, I decided to take him to get chai after my sets.  We began to talk after he told me that he felt like the angels were there when I was singing to help him heal.  

It was when I asked him why that I realized how important it was to remember the angels as always being with us.  

20 years ago, he was engaged to his only love.  He was away at Christmas at work.  She was invited to a beach party, where her drink was spiked.  She was brutally raped and killed, found lying on the beach the next day.  

He never loved again, never married again, and he was still concerned.  He wasn’t able to protect her and felt responsible for the traumatic experience.  Somehow, he was looking to a higher source for healing and inspiration because the violence impacted him as well.  

Every time I go out, I pray to a guardian angel to protect me on my journey.  I know how violent things can get, especially in this day and age.  And I know that this story is not isolated in the protection that is needed for the world.  

If one angel can create peace instead of violence and can lead someone to heal, then we have achieved something great.  Angels are a symbol of protection, of peace, of love and of a greater force for the good.  They are a needed symbol to combat against violence.

Angel Guard is a representative of what it means to be protected and empowered.  So stories like this reduce and maybe even stop completely.  That is my dream for the global community.  

I believe that we can live in a world where violence is marginalized, not a common occurence.  Angel Guard is designated to become a symbol of peace, of finding the miracle that brings something greater to the globe.  To always let us know… we are not alone and we are protected.  

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Combating Against the Epidemic of Violence

According to different research specialists, violence is on the rise and becoming an epidemic in many countries.  Places that were once considered safe are now being bombarded with new issues and threats relating to attacks and harassment.  An average rise of 14% in many countries is common from the year’s of 2014 – 2015.  Issues such as mass molestation, gang rape, bullying and harassment are far too common in the daily news.

Violence is one of the worst threats to society, culture and our evolution as a human race.  As violence begets violence, it establishes a standard of aggression and hate, leading to disrespect for everyone’s lives.  Not only does it threaten society, it also creates issues with economy, careers, quality of life and overall well-being.  There are no problems or issues that can be resolved unless violence stops first.  

This time in history demands that we re-think how we relate to each other.  While our consciousness has evolved in terms of book knowledge, psychology, emotions and even spiritual understanding, there is still a resort to violent and dis-respect.  I question where and how our relationships to each other became so filled with tension and friction in which this has become an acceptable behavior. 

Many have stated to me that violence is one that is a natural response from our animalistic behaviors.  I find this very interesting from my background of working with reptiles, alligators, and farm animals.  Even the animals that are considered the most vicious predators in society do not take violent actions to another.  They are peaceful.  If they are threatened or hungry, then it is a different story; however, it is not an animalistic response to become violent.  This makes me question where and why we are beginning to evolve into a more violent nature.  What is being threatened or questioned?  Or, is it the theory that violence is a virus, leading to more violence, which is now creating the rising threats and issues.  

Angel Guard Enterprises is designed to combat against violence as an epidemic.  The root intention of the product is expected to change the way in which we relate by stopping the aggression and dis-respect that is growing within society.  The committment to stop violence from continuously occurring, especially in certain segments of society, is one which will reshape the world into one that is more peaceful and less stressful.  

If violence begets violence, then it is true that peace can also lead to more peace.  As Angel Guard Fashion lines fly into the world, it will demand a way of dealing with others more respectfully and of being aware of the dangers of being violent to another.  When a community supports individuals before they become victimized, while offering an empowering tool to reshape violent attacks, then we can begin to change what we believe and act out in terms of violent behaviors towards others.  

Combatting against the attacks that are taking place in society today begins with empowerment.  As this occurs, it will change the way in which we relate to each other.  Angel Guard Enterprises’ committment is to stop the epidemic of violence.  A new solution of protection, alarms and prevention methods automatically begins to transform the socio – cultural association with aggression and attacks.  With this social movement, we will soon find that respectful and peaceful mannerisms will become the rising statistics while marginalizing violence.